Transitions and Breakthoughs




‘Transitions and Breakthroughs’
Transformation Game Workshops
Asheville, North Carolina
September 8-10 
October 6-8
Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
9am - 5.30p 
If you are currently in a transition or feel something new is emerging that you would like to explore and ground, then these workshops may be ideal for you. Everyone who plays will explore a personal issue that is unique to their life situation. Each participant will bring their own passions, interests, concerns and understandings to work with in the Game. Magical synergy happens when people love, trust and support one another enough to come out and be themselves, recognize and release major patterns, and let grace and spirit flow into and through their lives as they play their desired future into being. 
Many people are going through some kind of transition - large or small, obvious or hidden - because higher energies that are bombarding the planet now are creating some interesting manifestations for each of us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in our personal realms.  The Game allows you to transit from the world you live in to one in which you are being invited or drawn. It gives you information, ideas, insights, and points of reflection, with the goal of allowing you to become more in alignment with choreography that fits your dreams.
Comments from recent players:
• The Game is so clearly connected to spirit that even a non-believer would marvel at it.  • Thank you for this gift; to explore my own protective patterns, what sets up a response, what the response looks like, and what it costs me.
• The Game gives each player just what they need to work through their issues. I received information, guidance, clarity and specific direction.
• I feel blessed by this beautiful and effective instrument of change. 
Come and free yourself to make new choices, begin new stories and perceptions that will take you into unknown territory and change everything. Come and update how you are defining yourself and your relationships, and share your wisdom and support with others. 
Give yourself the gift of a mini-retreat where you can listen deeply, let go, move with the flow, and invite a new way forward to be shown to you that is joyful and fulfilling.
The cost is $450 per player.  If you register early, there are early bird discounts: mid-July for the Sept Game and mid-Aug for the Oct Game.  
With only 6 participants per Game, seats will be reserved on a first come basis. For more information email 

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