Soul Infusion, Weaving Our Souls Light Into The Fabric Of Every Day

Joy Drake Soul Infusion

Weaving Our Soul’s Light Into The Fabric Of Every Day

I’m delighted to let you know that Soul InfusionsWeaving Our Soul’s Light Into The Fabric Of Every Day, is now available.  This workbook has been steeping in my soul’s creative pipeline for a long time but it wasn’t until last year that the universe conspired to animate the essence of each prayer in a way I couldn’t miss seeing, and encouraged me to complete the manuscript. 


Sharing these sanctuary prayers now allows me to give back to the Findhorn Foundation some of the life-changing inspiration I received while living there. Additionally, if these meditations help you navigate the changes in your life with curiosity, willingness and wholeheartedness, that’s yet another gift they’ve given. 


If you would like to order a first edition copy of Soul Infusions please select from one of two options:
I am thrilled, honored, and grateful to be birthing this creative endeavor of love.
Blessings to all ...
"Soul Infusions is a spiritual treasure. It is an inspired guide into the inner sanctuary of your soul. Everyone who reads this book will feel blessed.”  Caroline Myss - Author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts.

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