Blessing Cards

New box and little bag and new price

Communicate your love, gratitude, and caring.

The Blessings Cards have a new look! Now it's easy to take Blessings with you wherever you go. The small beautiful cards are in a compact presentation that provides a light weight, portable option that fits easily into purses, pockets and carry-on bags.

Blessings are a currency of caring - they can be shared, hoarded, treasured and counted. They are gifts that may highlight or acknowledge qualities you already have or point towards qualities to embrace or develop. Whether you choose a blessing each day for inspiration, include them with gifts, cards and letters to friends, or use them as part of a healing or prayer circle – you will find these meaningful words offer a fresh perspective that give you and others just what you need in the moment.

Blessing Cards come wtih over 200 colorful cards and small drawstring bag.


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