Transformation Game Facilitators Training - Asheville May 2018

Application for The Transformation Game Facilitator Training

Asheville, NC  USA  May 2018



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I wish to enroll in The Transformation Game® Facilitators Training offered by InnerLinks to become an accredited Transformation Game Facilitator!

March 10-24, 2018 - Registration closes Feb. 1, 2018

Thank you.


Some of the questions below are personal in nature, just as the training will be. We ask you to answer the questions as openly as possible. We will treat your application form with discretion and respect.

1.  Please provide a little background about your personal growth history, and outline any major changes you have experienced this year.


2. Please share an experience in your life that was a turning point for you and how you feel you handled it.


Please assess your competence in the following areas on a scale of 1 - 10.
Add comments underneath if you wish.

1-3: Low or Weak        4-6: Satisfactory        7-10: High or Strong

4. What strengths and talents, other than those mentioned in (3), will you bring to the training?


5. What motivates you to apply for participation in the Transformation Game Facilitators Training?


6. Please identify the abilities and aspects of yourself which you see this training helping you to improve?


7.    The Transformation Game is a tool for self-discovery and personal and spiritual growth. Are there any other experiences, therapies, courses or tools that you're familiar with or work with, either as a client/patient/participant or as a facilitator/healer/ counselor/trainer? What are those experiences, therapies, courses or tools, and what do or did they mean for you?


8. The Transformation Game Facilitators Training is a highly intensive course, with a deep level of personal and interpersonal sharing. As a facilitator, you are expected to create and hold the space for players to go as deep as they go. How would you describe your own sense of stability and confidence in relation to this role?


9. Please describe the extent of your experience using and playing the Transformation Game.


10. How do you plan on applying the Facilitators Training? Please outline your Game vision.


11. Please add anything else you would like us to know.


Do you have any medical conditions, special needs or other specific requirements that could affect your time with us? Please check off the list below:

If you answered ‘yes’ to any question above, please tell us about it



The Training fee does not include accommodation or meals.  
Accommodation suggestions:

Air B&B or Extended Stay near training address.

There are quite a few hotels close by - please call if you would like suggestions.


We make every effort to provide courses as described, to ensure that they are appropriate for the participants who book, and to take good care of participants while they are here. However, sometimes we have to cancel a course for reasons beyond our control or advise an individual that we do not think the course is appropriate for them.
Please read this disclaimer before completing your application.
All information in any of our publicity is correct at the time it is published, but is subject to change. Whilst every effort is made to provide the courses as advertised, we do not accept liability for:
    * Cancellations or changes caused by unavailability of staff, low bookings, weather conditions, maintenance work, acts of God, acts of Government or any other authorities, or any other situations beyond our control.
    * Participants’ medical or psychiatric conditions that may arise before, during or after participation in one of our courses.
    * Loss of or damage to personal property of our guests.
We reserve the right to refuse a booking if we feel, after careful consideration, that participation in a particular course would be inappropriate for an individual. We reserve the right to refuse admission to our courses if, on arrival, participation appears to be inappropriate. We also reserve the right to ask any visitor to leave the training if his behavior is disruptive or interferes with the rights of others. In the final instance, all matters arising from a dispute are subject to North Carolina law and are under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina courts.


We aim to acknowledge receipt of your application within 3 working days.

Confirmation that your application has been accepted will be sent as soon as possible after this.

Please do not make any travel arrangements until you have been informed that your application has been accepted, as we cannot refund any travel expenses to you.


1. I will be notified of my acceptance for the training within a period of three working days of my completed application form and deposit is received by InnerLinks.

2. After being accepted for the training, my $500 deposit is non-refundable. 

3. I will pay the balance in full according to the date I have selected regarding the training fee, after which I will receive the Facilitators Manual.

4. If I cancel my participation in the training up to four weeks before the training begins I will be refunded 50% of this amount minus the non-refundable deposit if my place in the training can be filled by another participant on a waiting list.

5. No refunds will be given if I cancel my participation in the training less than four weeks before the start of the training and I will return the manual immediately.

6. I am expected to come to the training well prepared: having familiarised myself with the Facilitators Manual and having facilitated at least 3 practice Games using this Manual. I accept that the trainers have the right to ask unprepared trainees to leave the training and that no refund will be given.

7. Taking the training does not automatically guarantee accreditation as a facilitator; accreditation is given depending on the level of competence in facilitation. Full or Provisional Accreditation is given at the discretion of the Trainer(s). 

8. The Facilitators Manual is part of the accreditation process. It is not an instruction booklet that can be purchased separately. 

9.  If for any reason I am not accredited by InnerLinks as a Transformation Game Facilitator, I will return the Facilitators Manual to the InnerLinks trainers before I leave the training and no refunds are given.

10.  If I choose to leave the Training at any time, I forfeit my Training fee. The Trainer(s) reserve the right to ask me to leave the course at any point during the course. In the unlikely event that I am asked to leave the Training, I will be refunded a proportional amount for any unattended sessions.

11. All documents, information and materials provided to me in connection with the Transformation Game Facilitators Training are for my own use as a facilitator and player of The Transformation Game, and may not be copied or otherwise reproduced or used by me or any other person or entity for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of InnerLinks.

12. The Transformation Game Facilitators Training is intended and designed solely to assist me in improving my skills as a facilitator and player of the Transformation Game in order to enable me to facilitate Transformation Game workshops, but it is not intended nor designed to train me to hold my own Transformation Game Facilitators Training which is not sponsored by or otherwise authorised by InnerLinks.

13. I acknowledge that my unauthorized reproduction of the Facilitators Manual or the use of the Facilitators manual in an unauthorized facilitators training course will result in immediate and irreparable harm to InnerLinks. I acknowledge and agree that there is no adequate remedy for such failure and I agree that in the event of such failure, InnerLinks shall be entitled to equitable relief by way of temporary and permanent injunctions and such other relief as any court may deem just and proper.

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