Solo Transformation Game Sessions

Solo Transformation Game Sessions
with Originator Joy Drake
Available by Skype or in person.

Weaving Spiritual Understandings into the Fabric of Your Life

Solo Game sessions support you in discovering:

  • Effective ways to move through transitions and relationship changes
  • Your soul's perspective; a deeper understanding of yourself and your situation

Solo Game sessions provide:

  • A practical map for continuing growth; indicators that are solid and practical
  • Specific tools for you to integrate and sustain timely changes


The Transformation Game is a self-reflective tool that can help you examine how your beliefs and attitudes contribute to your experiences. It can surface aspects of yourself that may be preventing you from reaching your goals. It can also affirm innate/dormant strengths and talents and lead you to an understanding of how best to put them to use.

The Solo Game program consists of a series of 6 or 9 individual Transformation Game sessions facilitated by originator and spiritual counselor Joy Drake. Working individually with the Game over an extended period gives you an opportunity to explore an important personal issue in great depth. As each session proceeds, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your situation and receive a detailed customized map for continuing growth.

You will be playing i.e. conscious every day. Whether you are around the game board or not your focus will spill over into all aspects of your life. So between each Solo session you have the opportunity to consciously live out your playing focus by taking actions that will help you to achieve your goals. Holding your Game intention coupled with a daily spiritual practice provides a vibrant and intensive structure for invoking, boosting, and integrating graceful changes into your daily life.


From the sequence of cards drawn on Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intuitive, Love and Unity playing levels you can gain clear views of your current situation. Joy is fluent in the language of the Transformation Game and will help you link your responses and associations to cards in ways that create the most favorable conditions for a new dimension to open up and breakthroughs to occur. You will become aware of your particular worldviews and ways in which you are identified with, invested in, and attached to your personal dramas. You can recognize repetitive patterns, clarify what is important to you, and make conscious choices that will strengthen your presence and move you forward with mindfulness, inspiration, and wisdom. By using the between-Game times for personal and spiritual work, you can weave the insights that surface during each session into the unfolding fabric of your life.


Facilitated Solo Game sessions set a process of tracking and accelerating change into motion. The radiant nature of the Game itself, the support of angels, coupled with Joy's wisdom and skillfulness will lovingly propel you towards your highest good and goodness. The Game will trace your specific journey and support you in honoring your inner self and cultivating compassion and self-responsiveness along the way. Solo Game sessions are fluid, unpredictable, and highly creative. It is these intuitive, multidimensional attributes that make this unique process such an extraordinarily loving and effective catalyst for graceful change.

To discuss which Solo Transformation Game series – 6 or 9 sessions – 
best fits your needs and schedule contact Joy

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