Frameworks for Change® Training

Frameworks for Change is an interactive environment designed to encourage participants to convert value statements into real behavior changes. Frameworks for Change fosters innovative teamwork creating a high performance work culture based on accountability, honesty and appreciation of each individuals contribution.

A specialized version of The Transformation Game for use in business settings. The Frameworks for Change training identifies key problems that prevent teams from working together with optimum effectiveness.

Using a sophisticated simulation, participants can address work challenges and rapidly get to the root of unresolved issues. The process pinpoints gaps where commitment needs strengthening, reflects areas of weakness that undermine efforts and drain resources, and enhances valuable talents. The program stimulates the exchange of ideas and insights. Participants develop intuitive decision-making skills, and assist each other in reaching their goals.

The Frameworks for Change training is suitable for executives, managers, team members and individuals who are concerned with understanding group processes, and fostering their own growth and development. The model emphasizes the importance that individual initiative and integrity play in successful teamwork.

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