The Transformation Game® Facilitator Training

A program designed for counselors, therapists and others intending to use The Transformation Game on a deeper level. The training sharpens leadership abilities, deepens self-awareness and understanding, and assists in developing communication and counseling skills. Participants receive thorough training in the expanded rules and mechanics of The Transformation Game.

The program includes an exploration of key topics, discussions of difficult cards, demonstrations of technique, and opportunities to practice facilitation. Sessions are supervised and provide constructive personal feedback with an ongoing assessment of competence.

Participants who successfully complete the training are accredited by InnerLinks to use an Advanced Manual in facilitating Transformation Games in workshop formats.

Accredited facilitators will have the permission of InnerLinks to offer and promote workshops using the Transformation Game® name and logo. The Transformation Game® name (in all languages) and logo are the trademark and copyright of InnerLinks Inc, and may be used for the promotion of commercial workshops only by facilitators accredited by InnerLinks.

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Admission is by application.

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