The Alchemy of Transformation Workshop


Asheville, North Carolina
March 10 - 12
May 26 - 28
Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
9am - 5.30p 
Free Introductory Game Presentation: April 29, 2-4.30pm.
Do you need a tune-up? Could you use some upliftment, inspiration and insight? If so maybe it’s time to play the Transformation Game again. Give yourself some breathing room to reflect, listen deeply, and let the wisdom of your soul and the synchronicity of the Game process bring to light how you can update and move gracefully with the intensified flows of Life.
I invite you to join me for a weekend retreat where I will facilitate the game that I helped create - The Transformation Game. Come and spark your creative passions and receive extraordinary spiritual support.
This playful/prayerful process allows you to transit from the world you live in to one in which you are being invited. It reveals what's going on behind the scenes and illuminates new pathways that nourish who you are. It will enable you to widen the lens through which you view yourself and the world. The results will be profound and life changing.  
Each Game is different because each of us is unique, and when we share an experience like this, we emerge stronger, clearer, brighter, more inspired, empowered and more open to life.
Playing fee: $350 per person. Early bird special available. The maximum number of participants per Game is six. The small group allows plenty of individual attention and a playing time of three days that means you can journey significantly through your issues. Seats are filled on a first come basis. For more information email or
call (828) 280-8190.
I feel blessed and grateful to share this healing and liberating process with you.
With abundant blessings,

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