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Cofounders Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake are the originators Frameworks Coaching Process, Frameworks for Change®, MentorSpirit® Cards, The Transformation Game®, Intuitive Solutions® and the world famous original Angel® Cards.

They lived at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland for many years and their work reflects the practical applications of living a spiritual lifestyle in the everyday world. Kathy and Joy are Fellows of the Findhorn Foundation, also the location of InnerLinks UK office is on site and both return frequently to teach.

"We have extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of spiritually based tools that catalyze change and strengthen personal integrity. In addition to offering a range of personal growth tools by mail order, we offer courses that are beneficial in small, intimate settings or large conferences.

All our products, workshops and trainings help individuals, groups and organizations to increase their understanding of interpersonal dynamics,strengthen their willingness to work in partnership, and to handle changes with grace.

Our approach uses a sophisticated simulation that rapidly gets to the root of challenges, generates creative solutions and opens doorways to new possibilities. Each program stimulates the exchange of ideas and insights and facilitates the learning process. Participants receive precise feedback, learn how to approach situations responsibly, and develop action steps they can take to improve their effectiveness.

We offer trainings with The Transformation Game, Frameworks for Change, and the Frameworks Coaching Process. Our aim is to work with groups and organizations committed to learning. In this context we see ourselves as coaches, consultants, and colleagues.

We'd love to hear from you! We hope that our games and cards will catalyze positive changes in your life. Please share about your experiences using Intuitive Solutions or playing The Transformation Game with us. Your questions and comments receive lots of attention at InnerLinks, and your feedback about our products, programs, and web site helps us understand how to serve you better."

Please email us and share your transformational experiences with us.

or contact us at: InnerLinks Associates by sending an email to   info@innerlinks.com

Asheville NC 28806 U.S.A.

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